119px-Asthma Inhailer
Asthma Inhaler is a BFMC newcomer.

Being played by ngradrian,he made it pretty far for an underrated character.


He survived in 1B,obviously... and was placed in Yuyuko tribe

He won the challenge and won a WT for not getting hit (2B)

In 3B A.Inhaler faield the quiz,hopefully was not placed UFE.

In 4B he lost for not doing the challenge or other reason.

In 5B he didn't do the challenge and was UFE. (He's not good at 2 part-challenges because he;s more focused on school)

In 6B he did the challenge. He lost. 

In 7B he was placed UFE and his Boss Token couldn't take more than 14 points.

8B was a crazy challenge that he didn't do.

9B was his next lucky charm. He picked A2 and won an immunity token

In 10B he survived and he only was tagged once (I don't know how). He was place din Team Suwako.

11B was a huge surprise. A.Inhaler actually won!

In 12B he picked the green box.

12B part 2 was another challenge he didn't do.

In 13B he picked the combination AW and won 5.0 points for his team.

IN 14B he was safe from elimination.

In 15B he was XQZD from the challenge.

In 16B he picked Slot 3,used a win token and got  50 points.

In 17B he did a middle-of-the-road score AKA 6.

He won no tokens in 18B.

In 19B he did ok in the challenge and wasn't UFE. His team won though.

In 20B he picked Mansiri,made it until the final round but lost against Tetris Block.

In 21C did the worst out of everyone,but luckily was saved.

22B was a bingo challenge. He won a WT.

We'll see what challenge we'll have in 23B...


He was the only won who won an IT in 9B.