This elimination table is up to date as of BFMC 40A.

Contestant Team Placed Elimination/Rejoin Episode Reason
Lighter - Alexander Rector None Candy, Ping Pong Ball, Propeller Hat, Soap, and Badge all rejoin later, and don't have a place. The rest placed 75th-68th 1B DNP - Auto-eliminated
Melony - Kobe Fish None
Pearly - Sandi Wescott None
Ping Pong Ball - ConskiHogan None
Tissue - Enzo S.S None
Candy - Dahila DaWitch None
Locky - TheGkanderson77 None
Tissues - Daniel Webb None
Soap - Kalini Houdini None
Nickel - BlasteroidBob21 None
Atlas - Joe Ferbian None
Propeller Hat - WhaiJay None
Badge - DeeandEd None
Ping Pong Ball - ConskiHogan Marisa Rejoins 2A Commented on video; Playing as PPB
Television - Nicholas Logan Marisa 67th-65th 3A Didn't do the challenge
Rubix Cube - sonicplaysminecraft Sakuya Fan and USB's immunity
Boxing Glove - Lucas Brazil Sanae Unpopularity
Top Hat - BFMCTop Hat Marisa (No place. Rejoins later) 4A Did the worst, out of everyone on the Marisa tribe
Marble - MrAndrewtb Yuyuko (No place. Rejoins later) Retro made a slip-up, and veteran support for Coiny
Knife - misterperfectawesome Patchouli 64th DNP; Unpopular
Badge - DeeandEd Marisa Rejoins 4A Active in other camps; Popular; Chosen by Naz, although Retro made the episode
Soap - Kalini Houdini Yuyuko Rejoins
Propeller Hat - WhaiJay Patchouli Rejoins
Tiki - SmithchadsPantz Yuyuko 63rd 4B Retro fixing his slip-up; Tiki originally would have been out due to being a floater.
Marble - MrAndrewtb Yuyuko Rejoins 4B Retro fixing his slip-up
Cherry - Alex Coffey Marisa 62nd-60th 5A Unpopular
Fan - TheRedBreloom Sakuya Didn't do last challenge
Microphone - lorri peterman Patchouli Unpopular; Floater
Snowball - TardisTheTardis Reimu (No place. Rejoins later) 6A Mii U used his IT, saving himself, and then RT saved himself with the WT.
Popcorn - B Beatsman Sakuya 59th/58th Trophy's WT
Butter - John Smith Yuyuko Unpopular
Mii U - objectville Reimu 57th/56th 7A Saving himself from elimination last time wasn't a good sign, and he was not as popular as the rest
Coney - MegaEpicFilmz Patchouli Floater
Trophy - dhs spivak Sakuya (No place. Rejoins later) Unpopular character; Saved himself from elimination last time
Ping Pong Ball - ConskiHogan Marisa 55th 8A Rejoiner; Unpopular user
Globe - SuperNinBFDI Sanae (No place. Rejoins later) Floater
Soap - Kalini Houdini Yuyuko Quit; Got a low score
Picture - theyoylecakestudios Reimu 54th/53rd 9A Not-as-popular
Whistle - NINJAxxSNIPER Marisa (No place. Rejoins later) Didn't participate
Cheesy - Spongy317 Patchouli 54th/53rd Didn't participate
USB - Nathanael Cameron Sakuya 52nd 10A Unpopular
Snowball - TardisTheTardis Cirno Rejoins 10A Popularity
Candy - Dahila DaWitch Suwako Popularity
Trophy - dhs spivak Suwako Popularity
Toothy - blade theblade Cirno 51st 10B Tagged by Disc, then Paper Airplane twice (Auto-eliminated)
Dusty - theelementalraccoon Cirno (No place. Rejoins later) Tagged by Badge, Milk, then Book (Auto-eliminated)
Book - jay28jay2 Suwako 50th Tagged by Marble at the start, then RT twice, RT delivering the last tag (How interesting, she got the first and last tag) (Auto-eliminated)
Flower - Retro Guy Suwako Debuts 10B Quit as host, but became a contestant
Pin - PowerPointninja Cirno Debuts 11A Did the best in the debut
BFMC - pokpower8 Cirno Debuts
Rocky - JCL Kaytwo None Debuts 11B Selected to debut
Cat Bed - Reviloja2 Cirno Debuts 12A Selected to debut
Fries - Cody Nutt Cirno Debuts Selected to debut
Rocky - JCL Kaytwo None 49.5th Quit to bring back Top Hat (Either his brother or a character change, according to many). Later banned for a year along with Top Hat
Top Hat - BFMCTop Hat Cirno Rejoins Rocky quit to bring him back
Pen - Hunter Jaye Cirno Debuts Selected to debut
Ice Cube - DarkSid3Gam3r Suwako Debuts Selected to debut
OJ - Supercool16 Suwako Debuts Selected to debut
Lightbulb - Brandon D Cirno Debuts 12B Selected to debut
Gelatin - Nicholas Sternes Cirno Debuts Selected to debut
Paper Airplane - ThatJRP14 Suwako (No place. Rejoins later) 12C Paper Airplane quits and allows Dusty to come back in the game
Dusty - Theelementalraccoon Suwako Rejoins
Top Hat - BFMCTop Hat Cirno 49th 13A Banned by Nazriniator for 1 year for videos of proof of him being JCL Kaytwo. Aswell as to prevent more flamewars involving him.
Fries - Cody Nutt Cirno (No place. Rejoins later) 14A Badge would have been eliminated for not doing the challenge, but he actually did do the challenge. This eliminated Fries, the other contestant in the Bottom 2.
Soccer Ball - KnifetheBeast Suwako 48th 15A Didn't do the challenge
Yin Yang - Cpinkman3 Cirno (No place. Rejoins later) 15B Quits because of hard challenges
Fries - Cody Nutt Cirno Rejoins Yin Yang quits, allowing Fries to rejoin.
Clock - Ni Hao Guylan Suwako (No place. Rejoins later) 16A  Gelatin rigging votes, and the alliance giving him likes in order to be saved.
Trophy - dhspivak Suwako 47th 17A Gelatin's End Token cut off voting early.
Fries - Cody Nutt Cirno 46th 18A Unknown, possibly for being a debuter.
Paintbrush - Supercool16 Suwako 45th 19A Possibly for debuting. Real reason unknown.
Boombox - john zhao Suwako 44th 20A His user was the least popular, out of everyone, and he used a Win Token instead of an Immunity Token.
Coiny - TheOnlyBoxThatSubs Sanae-Yuyuko 43rd 21A Coiny was eliminated by Pencil and Pen's Win and Immunity tokens, respectively, and did not use either of his tokens, as each of them could have saved him from elimination.
Marble - MrAndrewtb Sanae 2.0 42nd 22A Marble hasn't done much challenges lately. His Reversal Token's effects on Golf Ball's token failed to save him.
Badge - DeeandEd Marisa 2.1 (No place. Rejoins later) 23A Targeted as a threat
Portal Gun - SirenRabbid1687 Marisa 2.1 41st 24A Targeted as a threat, Did not do the challange.
Propeller Hat - WhaiJay New Sweet Blueberriess (No Place. Becomes uneliminated) 25A Didn't do the challenge, Gelatin's End Token.
Gelatin - Nicholas Sternes 40th Caused Controversy when Clock was eliminated, rigged votes, and was eliminated by his own End Token. Was later banned for rigging votes.
Pencil - Ben1178 (No Place. Becomes uneliminated) Threat, Gelatin's End Token.
Pencil - Ben1178 New Sweet Blueberries Uneliminated 25B Received enough votes to be safe
Propeller Hat - Whaijay
Cat Bed - Reviloja2 New Sweet Blueberries (No place. Rejoins later) 26A Accused of betraying his alliance aswell as Flower convincing some people to vote him off. Also, this was his first time UFE, possibly making others think he's sort of a threat.
Tetris Block - YearsAnimations New Sour Lemons (No place. Rejoins later) 27A Quits due to controversies and fights in BFMC
Reversal Token - KirbyRider1337 New Sweet Blueberries (No place. Rejoins later) 27B Quits due to two contestants teaming up on him (One actually trying to frame him by editing this very table)
Whistle - NINJAxxSNIPER Rejoins Reversal Token selected him to rejoin due to user friendship. There were so many others Reversal Token could have chosen, aside from Whistle himself.
Fly Swat - MatrVincent New Sour Lemons (No place. Rejoins later) 28A Fly Swat was a threat, but would have been safe if it wasn't for Sunglasses' WT.
Badge - DeeandEd New Sweet Blueberries Rejoins 28B One of the people who did the challenge, and he was also selected to rejoin to make up for the 23A controversy.
Clock - Ni Hao Guylan New Sour Lemons Rejoins 29A Popularity
Match - Ben1178 N/A Debuts 29B Years let her back in because her user had very good reasons to get XQZ'd, even three times in a row.
Lightbulb - Brandon D New Sweet Blueberries 39th 30A Quit, attempting to bring Cat Bed back in the process. States that she quit due to being pressured by Flower.
Sunglasses - BFDIBOYERSFTW New Sweet Blueberries 38th Involved in a flamewar on another camp
Pen - Hunter Jaye New Sweet Blueberries 37th Not as popular compared to the rest
Cat Bed - Reviloja2 N/A Rejoins 30A.5 Nazrininator allowed him to rejoin, despite the fact that Lightbulb would have been amongst those who would have been eliminated anyway.
Milk - BOTIMaker1212 Merge Contestant (No place. Rejoins later) 30B Quits due to Controversy in BFMC
Asthma Inhaler - Ngradrian Merge Contestant 36th 31A Was possibly seen as a threat. Real reason unknown
Ice Cube - DarkSid3Gam3r Merge Contestant 35th 32A Possibly eliminated for being a threat or a debuter; It could be those reasons why Ice Cube was nearly eliminated in 30A. She was also eliminated because of Match's win token.
Needle - Jeelhu77 Merge Contestant 34th 33A Needle was eliminated due to being a threat, as she got 2nd in BFMT.
Pencil - Sumixam28 Merge Contestant 33rd 34A Not the most popular of users
Firey - smeltking Merge Contestant Debuts 35A Recieved the most votes to join.
Match - Ben1178 Merge Contestant 32nd 35A Possible Threat
Golf Ball - NickIt Merge Contestant (No Place. Becomes uneliminated) 36A Inactivity; Crayon's WT
Uneliminated 36A Update Naz found it unfair to eliminate a contestant up for re-signups.
Cat Bed - Reviloja2 Merge Contestant 31st 37A Cat Bed's rejoin was controversial (and caused the quit for rejoin technique to be permanently banned). Dusty's Reversal Token also caused Casey's Love Token on Cat Bed to make his dislikes infinite, and he had the least likes out of the people affected by the reversed love tokens, which caused Cat Bed to get obliterated, again. Dusty is sorry for what the RT caused.
Crayon - Objectdude73 Merge Contestant 30th Dusty's Reversal Token caused Flower's Love Token to utterly annhilate Crayon, as she had the second least likes out of the people affected by the reversed love tokens. Dusty is sorry for what the RT caused.
Flower - Retro Guy/SugarSpice115 Merge Contestant 29th 38A Flower's previous user, Retro, decided to quit to bring back BFMC. During #BFMC40Rejoin, she was put up for re-signups.
Milk - BOTIMaker1212 Merge Contestant Rejoins 38A Quit earlier; Decided to rejoin
Paper Airplane - ThatJRP14 Merge Contestant
Reversal Token - KirbyRider1337 Merge Contestant
Yin-Yang - Cpinkman3 Merge Contestant
Woody - goldenzoomi Merge Contestant Debuts Unfairly put up for re-signups.
Firey - Smeltking Merge Contestant 28th 39A Randomly picked by Ruby's Kamikaze Token; Friends with Ruby; Debuter
Suitcase - RoboStartheBomb Merge Contestant 27th Surprise Double Elimination
Milk - BOTIMaker1212 Merge Contestant 26th 40A DNP
Soap Chex - Fizzy Jam Merge Contestant Rejoins 40A Got a very high score in the rejoin challenge; Popularity
Fly Swat - MatrVincent Merge Contestant Another contestant campaigned for him to rejoin; Popularity
Globe - SuperNinBFDI Merge Contestant

Got the second-most votes; As Lollipop's judgement on Soap Chex's challenge entry could be seen as unfair, she decided to let Globe back in as well.

Trikiesyl - XanyLeaves Merge Contestant Debuts 40A Xany is one of the most popular users in the object show community period.
Traffic Light - deedo886 Merge Contestant User Popularity; Lots of potential