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Welcome to the Battle For Magic Town/City/City Again Wiki/Karakaribisha kwa le Bata pour Uchawi Mji/Ville/Ville Tena WikiEdit

Battle For Magic City was created by Nazrininator and co-created by Retro Guy. It was like an online competition where selected users compete in challenges. The old co-host was Lollipop (Retro Guy), until BFMC 10B, where Lollipop has decided to become a contestant. Starting in 27B, the new co-host was Toilet Paper (YearsAnimations). It is in the merge stage. It started with 60 contestants, and 18 were left when the camp was cancelled on August 24th, 2014. The camp is in its third season called BFMCA and is hosted by Lollipop (Retro ASTHETICS 2015) & Cat Bed (Reviloja753).

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Thanks to all my fans. to R E T R O A S T H E T I C S 2 0 1 5, Years, Retro Guy, and all of them. thank you so much.

Bata Pour uchawi ville etait cree par Nazrininator eta dans viumbe par Retro Guy. Ni etait kama un enligne ushinidani ambapo choisi ya watumiaji kuishidana en defis. Le elde hote etait Lollipop (Retro Guy), jusqu'a BFMC 10B, ou Lollipop ina decideur kwa kuwa a concurrent. Departe en 27B, le mpya hote etait Toilet Paper (YearsAnimations). Ni est en le fussionner hatua. Ni departe avecna 60 concurrente, eta 18 on ete gauch lini le cambi etait annel sur Auguat 24th, 2014. Le camp est en ilest tatu saison aitwaye BFMCA eta est herberge per Lollipop (Retro ASTHETICS 2015) eta Cat Bed (Reviloja753).Aller ziare le BFMC Forum vile vizuri!Thanks to all my fans. to R E T R O A S T H E T I C S 2 0 1 5, Years, Retro Guy, and all of them. Asante alors kiasi.

Current Objectives/Courant ObjectifsEdit

Create pages for the contestants

Create pages for Battle For Magic Town, the previous season

Cree pagasa'r pour le concurrente.

Cree pagasa'r pour Batta Pour Uchawi Mji, le prevous saison

Latest activity/Karibuni activiteEdit

pagasa Bata pour uchawi mji

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