• MukioMukio


    October 4, 2016 by MukioMukio

    i will be adopting this wiki

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  • RoboStarthebomb

    BFMC Rant

    August 24, 2014 by RoboStarthebomb

    Before I start, I just want to say this rant, does not intend to send negativity to Naz at all.

    Ok, first off, I have nothing personal against Naz. Its just that in this moment, he really did get a little unfair by cancelling the camp after we find evidence of Ruby indeed guilt tripping him, therefore, rigging the challenges so Ruby does "good". Naz, honestly, you shouldn't have been helping out Ruby like that, im no host for camps, but even I feel that a host should never do things like that. Furthermore, you have "cancelled" this camp a lot before but then uncanceled it. What does this have to do? Well this controversy had like only about like 3 people (2 of them having a good reason as to why since even I would have been like them if I e…

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  • SpongebobAtnight

    Challenge Ideas

    February 11, 2014 by SpongebobAtnight

    Just Name An Idea. Even THIS Might Be A Challenge! I Suggest A Luck Challenge For Ounce. Like A Color Doors Thing. Or Maybe A Hide And Seek! Tell Me What You Think!

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