Dusty is a contestant portrayed by Theelementalraccoon. He was eliminated, but he was brought back by Paper Airplane.
Dusty FR

Dusty (theelementalraccoon)

Episode 1Edit

Dusty did the challenge and was not eliminated.

Episode 2Edit

Dusty's first attack fails, and is then pushed off by Pencil.

Episode 3Edit

Dusty got 7/10 on the 'History of 2013' Test

Episode 4Edit

Dusty opted out at round two, gaining 25 points.

Episode 5Edit

Dusty guessed Red 4 and got zero points. Dusty was put up for elimination for the first time.

Episode 6Edit

Dusty earned 20 likes, the most out of his tribe, and 6 dislikes. Dusty had a total of (-14) dislikes and was safe. Oddly, Dusty did not appear at all in the results.

Episode 7Edit

Dusty got a 20/26 for his idea, the 'Force Token'. It was a blue token with red writing. It took all tokens used at elimination and nullified them.

Episode 8Edit

Dusty gota 10/10 +1 on the quiz and earned an Immunity Token.

Episode 9Edit

Dusty earned a Win Token, but was put up for elimination.

Episode 10Edit

Dusty was eliminated this challenge due to being hit 3 times.