BFMC 16: Rigged Slot Machines is the 16th installment of Battle For Magic City.


Clock is eliminated with 4 likes and 9 dislikes.


Many people, including the host, did not see Clock's elimination coming. People say that Gelatin should have been eliminated. Some blame Top Hat for rigging the polls for revenge.

Gelatin's ResponseEdit

After the controversy, Gelatin became really upset and made a video about it, telling the truth. Nazrininator later apologized to him for all of the chaos that has been going on, and made another video about it. As an apology gift, Gelatin recieved an Immunity Token.


The challenge is to pick one of five rigged slot machines. One of them gives out the biggest prize, while another one of them gives out nothing. The other three give out a prize of a fixed size.

Box o' TokensEdit

The Box o' Tokens has been introduced in this episode. It contains tokens from eliminated contestants. If a contestant decides to take a token from the Box o' Tokens, he/she gets a randomly chosen token from it.