Episode InfoEdit

  • Episode 1-Pencil did the challenge successfully and was put on the tribe Patchouli.
  • Episode 2-Pencil was pushed off in round 2-her tribe was safe.
  • Episode 3-Pencil didn't participate in the challenge, her tribe was UFE.
  • Episode 4-Pencil got 30 likes and 8 dislikes, she got the advantage. She got zonked in round 2.Pencil is once again UFE.
  • Episode 5-Pencil got 25 likes and 3 dislikes, she got the advantage. She joined the forum and picked red 2, gaining 0 points. Despite this, her tribe isn't UFE.
  • Episode 6-Pencil was knocked out in bracket 1.She was UFE.
  • Episode 7-Pencil was given a cirno and end token due to not getting her advantage in episodes 4 and 5. Pencil received 12 likes and 6 dislikes, for the first time ever not winning a prize. Pencil's token was the Mirror token 20/26, quite high. She received the highest score on her team and was safe.
  • Episode 8-Pencil scored a total of 6/10,she was UFE.
  • Episode 9-Pencil received 19 likes and 4 dislikes. Pencil chose E6, getting a Migrate token. She was UFE.
  • Episode 10-Pencil received 3 votes against her, she was safe. She was almost eliminated at 3.5 strikes, but stayed safe. She also joined the merged team Cirno.
  • Episode 11-Pencil chose the electric orb and used her win token and she got a win token and placed 2nd out of everyone! She made her come-back.
  • Episode 12-She chose the colour green, along with 5 other people. She was hit enough times to be UFE.
  • Episode 13-She received 5 likes(the fewest ever) and 4 dislikes. She was safe.