Tokens are items obtained by doing great in challenges. Most affect voting, although some others do things like preventing someone from doing the challenge, messing with used tokens, and other things.

List of TokensEdit

Reversal TokenEdit

Created by: Reversal Token (KirbyRider1337)

Reversal Token (Usable Token)

Use On: Another contestant on the same tribe/team up for elimination.

Can only be used if up for elimination.

Function: Reverses the effects of tokens.

Reversed Function: 2 Reversal Tokens cancel out.

Win TokenEdit

Win Token
Created by: jacknjellify (For Pre-merged BFDI)

Use On: Yourself

Can be used if up for elimination.

Function: Cuts the user's dislikes in half.

Reversed Function: Cuts the user's likes in half.

Can also be used on A episodes by everyone.

Other Function: Can be used to increase your score if used on an A episode.

Immunity TokenEdit

Created by: Ni Hao Guylan (Is Clock in BFMC; First seen in his camp, BFSP; Many camps started to use it as well, including jacknjellify's own camp, BAGUETTE, and the Immunity Token was in BFMC since before the token-creating contest)

Immunity Token

Use On: Yourself

Can only be used if up for elimination.

Function: Removes all of your dislikes and makes yourself immne.

Reversed Function: Removes all of your likes.

End TokenEdit

End Token

Created by: Nazrininator

Use On: The Polls

Can only be used if up for elimination.

Function: Ends voting for all tribes.

Reversed Function: None. The End Token is too strong for the Reversal Token.

Cirno TokenEdit

Cirno Token

Created by: Nazrininator

Use On: Another contestant on the same tribe/team up for elimination.

Can only be used if up for elimination.

Function: Freezes a contestant.

Reversed Function: Freezes yourself.

Play TokenEdit

Created by: Suitcase (RoboStarTheBomb) Use On: An eliminated contestant


Can only be used if up for elimination.

Function: An eliminated contestant of the play token user's choice gets to do the challenge. The contestant will gain points for the tribe/team. After the challenge, the eliminated contestant gets eliminated.

Reversed Function: Freezes yourself.

Love TokenEdit

Love Token

Created by: Portal Gun (SirenRabbid1687)

Use On: Yourself and Another contestant on the same tribe/team up for elimination.

Can only be used if up for elimination.

Function: Both users enjoy the effects of the immunity token, but they have to do the challenge together. If not, their dislikes that they got from last elimination will be added.

Reversed Function: Both users suffer the effects of the reversed immunity token, but if they don't do the challenge together, their likes that they got from last elimination will be added.

Extra Challenge PassEdit

Extra Challenge Pass

Created by: Golf Ball (goldenzoomi)

Use On: Yourself

Can be used by anyone on B episodes.

Function: Allows the contestant to do an extra challenge. If the contestant wins, they get an advantage.

Reversed Function: If the contestant wins, they get a disadvantage.

Migrate TokenEdit

Created by: Masky (Matt DB)

Use On: Yourself

Can be used by anyone on A episodes.

Function: When used, the contestant moves to another random tribe. A random contestant from that tribe will switch spots.

Tornado TokenEdit

Created by: Flyswat (OfficialMatrVincent)

Use On: 2 Contestants on the same team/tribe up for elimination.

Can only be used if up for elimination.

Function: Removes all of your likes and dislikes and gives a random amount of likes and dislikes to 2 contestants of your choice.

Reversed Function: Removes the likes and dislikes of two contestants and adds them to you.

Scramble TokenEdit

Created by: Nazrininator

Can be used on A episodes

Function: Divides all tokens evenly between everyone, and scrambles them.

Warrior TokenEdit

Created by: YearsAnimations

No more Warrior Tokens will be given out in BFMC, ever.

Function: Gives a disadvantage to two contestants of your choice.

Rejected TokensEdit

In BFMC 7, a token challenge was made to make tokens. Some passed (see above) and some did not, these ones here did not receive enough score to win.

Quack Token (Made by Propeller Hat) - A giant duck will fall on the contestant supposedly selected, making them unable to do a challenge. Most likely did not win due to similarity to the Cirno Token.

Bad News Token (Made by Disc) - Would've removed all your dislikes and take all the likes of another contestant. Only useable on one contestant. Rejected most likely due to OPness.

Balance Token (Made by Tetris Block) - Wouldve made the user and another contestant's dislikes equal to the amount of the least dislike contestant. Rejected most likely for some opness.

Friend Token (Made by Sunglasses) - Would've been the few tokens that does not affect you. Rather gives the chosen person immunity and if hes ufe along with the user. The user will be immune. Rejected due to RT's token scoring higher then this one for the Reimu Tribe.

Revenge Token (Made by Kite) - This token functions like the other revenge tokens in camps. Cuts dislikes in half and give it to another contestant UFE. Most likely rejected from unoriginality and from others having better scores.

Boss Token (Made by Asthma Inhaler - Would've made other tokens useless and be given immunity. Causing someoneelse to be UFE. Most likely rejected due to opness

Blocked Token (Made by Toothy) - Would've prevented someone else from doing the challenge, using a token... Most likely rejected due to the similarities with the Cirno Token.

Mirror Token (Made by Pencil) - If you've been eliminated, and you would have used your Mirror Token, you would have automatically eliminated a target. Rejected due to the Tornado Token winning over the Mirror Token in a vote.

Backfire Token (Made by Crayon) - Would've rearranged two teams, putting the user UFE for their team's next four eliminations in the process. Most likely rejected due to the backfire.

Multiply Token (Made by Boombox) - Would've tripled a target's dislikes. Most likely rejected due to being plain and basic.

Any Token (Made by Coiny) - Would've turned into a token of the user's choice. Most likely rejected due to minor simplicity and OPness.

Thief Token (Made by Paper Airplane) - Would've stolen someone else's token. Most likely rejected due to a similar token appearing in BAGUETTE.

Substitute Token (Made by Test Tube) - Would've switched the user out for another team member at elimination.

EXTROAD Token (Made by Whistle) - Would've given the user 3 likes at elimination. Most likely rejected due to simplicity.

Excuses Token (Made by Casey) - Would've allowed the user to get out of a challenge, rendering them safe from elimination. Most likely rejected because of pointlessness.

Swap Token (Made by Soccer Ball) - Would've switched the user's votes with a target's. Most likely rejected due to it being in BAGUETTE.

Average Token (Made by Needle) - Would've taken the average of everyone's likes and adds it to a target. Most likely rejected due to OPness.

Instant Token (Made by Marble) - Auto-eliminates a target of your choice (Think Death Token from SLAN). Most likely rejected due to unoriginality and OPness.

Redemption Token (Made by Clock) - Would have been given out to eliminated contestants that stay for one more challenge and win. If used, the contestant would've rejoined. Redemption Island would come in once the merge hits. 

Force Token (Made by Dusty) - Would've disabled all other tokens at elimination. Rejected due to Portal Gun's Love Token getting a higher score for the Sakuya tribe.

Extra Likes Token (Made by USB) - Would've given the user 5 likes at elimination. Rejected due to being plain.

Beef Lettuce Tomato Token (Made by Soap) - Would've caused a giant sandwich to fall on a target, disabling them from doing the challenge. Rejected due to copying the Cirno Token.

Boo Token (Made by Cheesy) - Would've distributed 5 of your dislikes to other contestants as you please. Rejected due to the Mirror and Tornado Tokens getting higher scores.

Active Token (Made by Yin Yang) - Would've been used like Immunity Tokens by an inactive. Most likely rejected due to it being generic.

Wild Token (Made by Picture) - Would've turned into a random token. Most likely rejected due to the die and minor underpoweredness.

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Token Usage in BFMCEdit

In 2B, the first tokens were given out to Tetris Block, Kite, Asthma Inhaler, Masky, Toothy, Knife, Fly Swat, Paper Airplane, and Picture. They all got win tokens.

In 3B, Reversal Token, Ping-Pong Ball, and Clock were awarded win tokens. Test Tube was awarded an immunity token.

In 4D, Mii U, Needle, Ping-Pong Ball, Boombox, Kite, Trophy, and Toothy got win tokens. In 4E, Mii U got an immunity token.

In 5B, Coiny got a win token.

The first time a token has been used in BFMC was in 6A, when both Mii U and Reversal Token decided to use their tokens, saving themselves from elimination and eliminating Snowball instead. Trophy and Asthma Inhaler also decided to use their Win Tokens, Trophy also being saved from elimination and Asthma Inhaler having wasted his token.

In 6B, Whistle, Yin-Yang, Disc, Golf Ball, Masky, and Needle got win tokens. Clock got a win and an immunity token.

In 7A, Needle got an Immunity Token, Pencil got an End and Cirno Token, and Coiny, Disc, & Badge got win tokens to make up for not getting advantages in episodes 4A & 5A. No one decided to use their tokens at the eliminations. Sunglasses and Fly Swat got Win Tokens, and Portal Gun got a Cirno Token. The Token Holders were safe, albeit being in the Bottom 2 in Paper Aeroplane's case.

In 7B, Reversal Token got a Reversal Token, Suitcase got a Rejoin Token (Renamed to Play Token), Portal Gun got a Love Token, Golf Ball got an Extra Challenge Pass, Masky got a Migrate Token, and Pencil got a Mirror Token. All six of them get win tokens as well.

In the 7B update, the Mirror Token is replaced with the Tornado Token created by Fly Swat. Pencil loses her Mirror Token and Fly Swat gets his Tornado Token. It's probably because of the similar scores these two contestants have.

In 8A, Needle and Coiny used their Win Tokens, wasting them. Needle and Coiny got Immunity Tokens, and Book got a Win Token.

In 8B, Reversal Token, Sunglasses, USB, Clock, Paper Airplane, and Fly Swat got win tokens. Dusty got an Immunity Token.

In 9A, Suitcase used her Win Token, wasting it. Milk and Pencil got Win Tokens, and Suitcase got an Extra Challenge Pass.

In 9B, a lot of tokens were given out. Milk, Sunglasses, Needle, Yin-Yang, Suitcase, Book, Test Tube, Dusty, USB, Soccer Ball, Masky, Coiny, Marble, Kite, Paper Airplane, and Fly Swat got Win Tokens. Reversal Token, Portal Gun, and Golf Ball got Cirno Tokens. Disc got a Tornado Token. Boombox got a Play Token. Asthma Inhaler got an Immunity Token. Pencil got a Migrate Token, and Toothy got a Reversal Token.

In 10A, Fly Swat tried to use his Win Token, but Flower prevented him from doing so, although USB was eliminated over Fly Swat, with there being so many people who got 2-8 votes. Portal Gun used his Cirno Token on Crayon. Flower gave herself an Immunity Token.

In 11A, Snowball gets an Immunity Token. Pin, Ruby, Trophy, and Candy get Scramble Tokens.

In 11B, Sunglasses, Pencil, and Boombox used their win tokens. Candy gave her Scramble Token to Propeller Hat. Pencil, Ruby, Fly Swat, and Asthma Inhaler got Win Tokens. Pencil and Asthma Inhaler got Immunity Tokens, and Asthma Inhaler got a Love Token.

In 12B, Pen got a Win Token, Puffball (Now Lightbulb) got an Immunity Token, and Gelatin got a Reversal Token.

In 13A, Crayon got a WIn Token. Many people used tokens. Although RT would have been safe anyway, everyone else would have been saved from elimination, but Top Hat was eliminated instead.

In 13B, no tokens were given out.

In 14A, Crayon got another Win Token. Coiny used his Win Token, and Suitcase used her Play Token on Whistle.

In 14B, Needle and Dusty got Win Tokens.

In 15A, Flower got a Win Token.

In 15B, Test Tube got a Win Token.

In 16A, Gelatin used his Reversal Token, wasting it. Since he got the most likes, he got an End Token.

In 16B, Sunglasses, Milk, Portal Gun, Fly Swat, Golf Ball, Pencil, and Asthma Inhaler all decided to use Win Tokens, doubling their winnings. Flower, Needle, Fries, Cat Bed, Ruby, Lightbulb, Paintbrush, Sunglasses, Gelatin, Boombox, Ice Cube, and Asthma Inhaler all got Win Tokens, and Crayon and Tetris got Immunity Tokens from the Box of Tokens.

In 17A, Gelatin cut off voting really early with his End Token. Gelatin and Portal Gun each got a Win Token, while Coiny got a Play Token. The same End Token also eliminated Trophy.

In 17B, Sunglasses used his Win Token. Masky, Pin, Propeller Hat, and Suitcase got Win Tokens, Ruby a Scramble Token, and Cat Bed a Reversal Token.

In 18A, Asthma Inhaler used his Immunity Token, and everyone else but Milk, Tetris Block, and Pin used their Win Tokens, though Fries' failed to save him. Tetris Block got a Win Token.

In 18B, no one used their Win Tokens. Casey and Sunglasses each got a Win Token from the Box of Tokens. Having gotten perfect scores, Badge (Who got all ten right first, winning an Immunity Token as well), Crayon, Suitcase, Reversal Token, Masky, Portal Gun, Golf Ball, and Test Tube all got Win Tokens.

In 19A, Snowball used an Immunity Token, wasting it in the process, and Coiny, Boombox, and Needle all used their Win Tokens. Dusty won a Reversal Token.

In 19B, Boombox got the Win Token from the Box of Tokens. Sunglasses, Crayon, Badge, Tetris Block, Portal Gun, Masky, and Lightbulb used their Win Tokens, while Ruby and Propeller Hat used their Scramble Tokens, scattering all other unused tokens. Asthma Inhaler, Casey, and Lightbulb all got win tokens for searching in areas where the eliminated contestants were.

In 20A, Boombox, Propeller Hat, Ice Cube, and Fly Swat used Win Tokens, while Pen used an immunity token. Dusty, Ice Cube, and Fly Swat all got Migrate Tokens. Oddly enough, the contestants who didn't use tokens were the ones with no dislikes, and Boombox's Win Token is the one that failed to save him.

In 20B, Propeller Hat got a Win Token, and Crayon an Immunity Token, from the Box of Tokens. The former used a Scramble Token during a trade between Gelatin's Reversal Token and Ice Cube's End Token, scattering his Win Token and Crayon's Immunity Token as well. No one used a Win Token. Reversal Token, Asthma Inhaler, Flower, and Tetris Block all got Win Token. The latter two got Scramble Tokens, and the last got an End Token.

Current Token PosessionsEdit

Resurrected Reimu TribeEdit

Reversal Token- Reversal Token(x1), Win Token(x1)

Phoney- Win Token(x2), Immunity Token(x1)

Tetris Block- Win Token(x3)

Milk- Immunity Token(x2), Win Token(x1)

DVD- Win Token(x3), Cirno Token(x1)

B- Win Token(x1), Cirno Token(x1), Migrate Token(x1)- Win Token(x3)

Sapphire-No Token(x3), Cirno Token(x3)

Pinny- Win Token(x2), Immunity Token(x1)

Restored Marisa-Patchouli TribeEdit

Paintbrush- Win Token(x1), Tornado Token(x1)

PC- Win Token(x2)

Lollipop- Win Token(x2)

Badge- Win Token(x2), Cirno Token(x1)

Fedora- Scramble Token(x2), Win Token(x1)

Pen- Win Token(x2)

Candy Corn- Win Token(x2), Play Token(x1)

Fly Swat- Win Token(x1)

Revamped Sakuya-Debuter TribeEdit

Warp Pipe- Win Token(x2), Immunity Token(x1)

Dusk- Win Token(x2)

Flower- Win Token(x2), Play Token(x1)

Keemstar- Immunity Token(x1), Cirno Token(x1)

Lightbulb- Win Token(x4)

Icey-Win Token(x2), End Token(x1)

Gelatin-Win Token(x1), Immunity Token(x1), Reversal Token(x1)

Wallet-Win Token(x2), Migrate Token(x1)

Revived Sanae- Yuyuko TribeEdit

Cactus-Win Token(x3)

Golf Ball-Win Token(x1), Transport Token(x1)

Magnifying Wand-Win Token(x2), Immunity Token(x1)

Box of Crayons-Win Token(x1), Cirno Token(x1)Inhaler-Cirno Token (x1) Migrate Token (x2)

Kite-Immunity Token(x2), Love Token(x1)

Toasty-Win Token(x2), Immunity Token(x1)

Lighter-Win Token(x2)